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Larry Nabiong Larry Nabiong
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Have You Seen Your Shadow Lately?

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soul mates

Never assume you are liked when in fact they abhor you...what a sad reality when you know deep inside that you are being perceived wrongly. Well, you must be careful in perceiving, for what you see outside is different from what is inside.

Know your shadow
when facing the light.
For, it might have a different shape:
Could be a two-horned head, with a tail behind
Or, it could be a haloed head, with white wings--glistening deep.

Whatever it is, it's how you are perceived
By others who know you well
Or, others who know you not.

Wisdom says, life is--
a puzzle to complete ,
a mystery to unravel,
a problem to solve,
a challenge to face,
a blessing to keep,
a journey to take, or
a gift to cherish...

Well, whatever it is for you...make sure
you are not seen as the first creature--
abhorred, but the second one, praised.

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