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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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Respect for your Mother

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soul mates

I wrote this poem a few years ago now, It's about having respect for your mother because we only have one mother.

I gave birth to you, not the other way round.
I am the one that carried you in my stomach for nine months and all that time you was Keeping me awake with your kicking and turning no wonder I couldn't sleep at night.
But in the end it was worth it, just to see how you were going to turn out if you were Going to look like me.
All I want you to do when you come of age is to give me respect, because I did give birth To you and not the other way round.
I know it takes a mother and father to make a baby, but if it wasn't for your mother you Would not be here today, so where is the respect for that?
You are older now and you still have no respect for me.
So why should I give you respect?
If you don't give me any, you don't pay for anything in the house.
You don't pay any of the bills, you don't pay for food I put on the table.
All you do is treat my house like a hotel, you never help out in the house.
So I have come to a decision, pack your bags, get out of my house!
You don't respect me, so why should I respect you?
I did everything for you come back when you have respect for your mother.

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