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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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soul mates

This is something I wrote in a writing class at the community college in June 2010. It was an in class exercise, to write a poem or short story that began " I never thought..."

I never thought I would wake up one day
And be 50!
This is an age I never thought I’d be!
Should I put down my guitar,
learn to knit doilies,
join the AARP?
Or keep pretending that I
don’t know of such things
50!   Hhhmmm…
I still feel 15!
What happened to the years in between?
Now if I counted my years
by the dog lives I’ve lived though
that would be a clue,
or look at my 30 year old son
And say “What have I done?”
I’d have to admit that I just don’t know
but it seems that 50 was when
I started to grow

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