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Scott Huggett Scott Huggett
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Winter is here.

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soul mates

Summer is over
Winter is here
We skipped over Autumn
That fun time of year.

The leaves have fallen
All the ducks are gone
The beaver's still here
The days are so long.

The creek is over flowing
Our backyard's a pool
Because of the beavers dam
That really looks cool.

The city has to come
And tear it down
Before it gets to high
And we all drown.

The weather changes
And it does so fast
Rainy one minute
But it won't last.

As the nights get colder
In the morning there's frost
The bbq's put up
That family fun is lost.

As the snow falls
It's beautiful white
Turning night into day
It's oh so bright.

The snow is falling
The ground gets covered quick
The grass is all gone
Because the snow is thick.

It's only November
Already there's snow
I can't wait for spring
So the coldness will go.

I miss the warm weather
Cause warmer I must dress
The trees are covered
The roads are a mess.

Spring and summer
The warmth of the sun
Tanktops and shorts
Can't be out done.

Going to the beach
In the summer is best
Playing in the ocean
And on the sand to rest.

I will patiently wait
Seven months or more
I will just have to dream
Of the waves on the shore.

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