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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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For Victor

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soul mates

Men who have an only son will understand this

The summer sun beat down that day
Boasting of its power
And night refused to cool the earth
Regardless of the hour.
The woman walked and watched the moon
Creep slow across the skies
The labor of her unborn child
Reflected in her eyes.

With every step the child would move
And cause the woman pain.
But still we walked and softly talked
Of all we had to gain.
We talked of life, we talked of love
We held on to each other,
An anxious man, an unborn child
A courageous, loving mother.

And when the child was ready
It came into its life.
A man child, screaming in the night
Was born unto my wife.
A dream at last had come true
A battle had been won.
I named the man child Victor
And he is my only son.
And all through life I'll cherish him
And he will always be,
My son, My Pal, My Victor
Through all eternity.

The years have gone by quickly
I can feel life drifting by
The seasons of my life have passed
Like clouds move in the sky.

And though I'll love my daughters
Till my walk through life is done,
There's a special place within my heart
Reserved for just my son.

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