Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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I think I will use suns' glow since that is what these two are.

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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Most have beem great receptacles.... should the word "beem" in this sentence be "been"???

Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23


Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23


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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23

Under the Double Star - Chapter Thirteen

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      The orange gore was flowing faster than Soru could maintain her grip on both,
H'br'a and Athene's palms.  When she noticed how Athene stiffened, Soru wanted to
release to see if it was going as it should.

      In the midst of commencing this action, H'br'a instructed Soru to not slacken her grip, stating, " Don't relinquish the bond between our palms until you notice a relaxing of Athene's body. Hopefully, if this holds as the other rituals have, even with the age difference presented by Athene,this part of the ritual should be over soon.

       After this joining, we will go to the next part to finish. "

         Soru, taking her role in this very seriously, re-doubled her efforts to comply
with the instructions and advice that H'br'a provided.

          Athene's closed eyelids fluttered as the co-mingled bloods coursed through her
veins. Her body temperature continued to rise beyond viable Sapen levels. As she began
to convulse she saw a vision form in her mind.

           In her mind's eye, Athene saw a distant image drifting forward out of the
suns' glow of Rha and Thoru. 1 comment

           The image became clearer as it neared. It resembled a younger and more complete
version of H'br'a.

           Her skin had a dazzling, fuller silvery glow.

           The vertical-slanted, chartreuse eyes fuller and attentive.

           The white filament of hair cascaded down the female's back stopping just above
her waist.

           Lacy-webbd feet supported the female.

           The tattoo pricks completely covered the figure's full face with the one right
between the eyes bigger than the rest.

           As the image raised its hands in greeting, the four fingers of each arm showed
full talons, two smaller digits on either side of the massive main with an opposing thumb
talon right below the main.

          Once the female became aware of Athene's presence, she smiled and started

          "Ulla, Athene. My name is A'yd'a. I am the original Primae that fell from the
sky. Since my initial arrival here there have been many incarnations, some short-lived;
others longer as their prickings were obtained. Most have beem great receptacles of my
essence making their own "stamps" upon this world. The majority have acted for the
betterment of all the peoples here. I sense you will be one of these.  Invit, sister. 3 comments

          I realize you have many questions that you desire answered. They will be in
time. First, allow yourself to become one with me and my being. As the transformation
proceeds, I will instruct and answer all that you will need to fulfill your role as

          We must hurry. H'br'a, your sister, is near the end of her life cycle. You must
be fully prepared by completing the ritual so that you can carry on my mission as this
world's guardian.

          You will never be alone. I and all the previous avatars are here to guide and
assist you.

          Relax, now. Let me continue and conclude your transformation. "

          H'br'a sensed that Athene's body was commencing to relax. She instructed,
" Soru, you may relax the grip on our palms now. The transformation is nearly complete."

          Soru, gratefully and tiredly, acceded.

          Soru, carefully cleaned the orange blood from her hands. She resumed her duty as
the Primae's guardian sitting cross legged on the mat positioned at the head of both their
reclining bodies.

           Perra arose from her spot next to the paddle-wheel housing shaft.

           It had been a simple matter to leave her cell while the crew members had been
preparing the "VIRAGO" for departure.

          After she had wandered the many passageways, she had been fortunate to arrive
here. The noise and chaos of the mechanism was more than enough to hide her movements
amongst the gears.

          She had almost been caught during the sweep of the ship when the crew members
had been searching for her. It had been pure luck that she had been near enough to the
wheel housing to drop down out of sight. It was relief that she noticed the room had been
given only a cursory search.

          Now, that the "VIRAGO" was under way, she could emerge to seek out the

          By listening to the chatter of the crew, Perra confirmed that the captain would
be the one with the information that she needed to fulfill her vengeance.

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