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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Ive got it all figured out

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Ideas are like seedlings.  Plant one and see if it grows.

Have you ever purchased something near Christmas time that was advertised as 20% off the regular price?

I have.  But after I purchased the item (I won’t tell you what it is, it may be a surprise Christmas present for my wife) I reflected on what I had purchased.  The company that I purchased the item from showed a huge profit for “Black Friday”.  

My cynical mind started kicking in.  If they made a big profit at 20% off everything in their store, why can’t they sell it at that price all year?  I’m not the brightest star in the sky, but after much reflection and with the help of a scientific type calculator, it finally dawned on me that the 20% off price WAS their regular price.  All they had done for the Christmas sale was mark everything up by 20%, then mark everything down by 20%.  We all thought we were getting a bargain, didn’t we?  Come on now, ‘fess up.  You fell for that marketing ploy too, didn’t you?

Here’s another one that always amazed me.  I have known people who owed several thousand dollars in income taxes that they just could not (or would not) pay.  After a few years of being threatened by the IRS, up to and including foreclosure on their homes, automobiles, and first born’s birth certificate, they entered into a negotiating period.  Eventually the IRS let them pay 30% of the money and wrote off the balance.  Hey, that’s a good trick!  Why can’t we just write off 70% of our National Debt and then we would only owe 10.22 trillion dollars instead of 14.6 trillion dollars.  Then we could wait five years, and discount that debt by another 70% and only owe 7.154 trillion.  At that rate, in a few years the U.S. would be debt free and our politicians could quit arguing about how high our National Debt has risen under whomever’s administration.

I guess you could call it “voodoo” economics.  I looked up the term on the internet.  It is a term used to define former U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s “Reagonomics” package.  Otherwise known as “trickle down” economics.  Supposedly if rich people paid less taxes they would create more jobs for the poor people.  That didn’t happen.  Instead, the rich people demanded more dividends on their stocks and the corporate heads responded by moving the jobs out of the United States where labor was cheaper so profits and dividends could be higher.

There is an answer to the economic crunch here in America.  It has been proposed that the U.S. Government give everyone over age 70 a check for one million dollars.  We would all pay off our mortgages and our children’s mortgages, thus relieving the housing crunch (we wouldn’t have to bail out any more banks who loaned money to people that they knew couldn’t repay it).  We would all buy new automobiles, thus making the auto manufacturer bail outs unnecessary, and putting a lot of people back to work, relieving the unemployment status.  If our mortgages are already paid, we will spend a lot of money doing necessary repairs to our homes, buying new appliances and maybe taking vacations.  That would put carpenters, painters, appliance makers and the tourist industry back in the black again.  I don’t know why it is all so complicated.

One candidate proposed a 9-9-9 plan.  At first glance it sounded pretty good.  Then under closer scrutiny it fell apart.  My personal taxes would have increased by about $2000 under that plan.  Boo, Hiss!

My solution to our economic problem is this.  Don’t let anyone or anything out of our country, and don’t let anyone or anything in to our country.  Isolationism?  Yep.  We do not need all of China’s junk.  We can build computers, televisions, I-pods, gadgets, cell phones and so forth, right here in America.  That would certainly put a lot of people to work.  In might put Wal-Mart out of business, but then if that happens, the Mom and Pop stores will open back up and hire those laid off at Wal-Mart.  Can you even imagine how great our economy would be if EVERYTHING we purchased was made right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.?

How about our illegal alien problem?  Would more people cross our borders illegally if there were more jobs available in their own countries?  We could make it a requirement that if our companies wanted to send manufacturing jobs out of the country, they couldn’t bring the products back.  The people in foreign countries would have to purchase the products made there.  To do so, they would all have to be paid a wage commensurate with the ability to buy the products they made.  When and if that happened, the companies would bring the manufacturing plants back to the U.S. because they wouldn’t have to pay such high salaries.

The energy problem?  Heck that one is simple.  Figure a way to harness all of the energy used to make cell phone calls.  Surely something can capture all of the electrons moving through the air to provide cell phone users the ability to push their little thumbs around texting everyone and their brother.  Some female inventor has already figured a way to  wirelessly charge a cell phone, that is charge it without a cable plugging it in.  If we can figure that out, why can’t we figure a way to wirelessly charge an automobile without a cable plugging it in?  And if we can do that, we could take all of the gasoline that would not be used by the electric vehicles and use it to produce the electricity needed to run the electric charges.

I’ve figured it all out.  But at Christmas time, the only thing that this old World needs is God.

He’ll take care of all of our needs.  He's got it all figured out.

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