Don Yarber Don Yarber
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and wondered if it was .....

Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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if everything is cleared up and understood. is the chapter correct as it is and i can move on to chapter 15.

Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23

Don, I need you to tell me that this chapter is ready that I can move on to 15...if not ready I want to fix any problems here first then fix chapter 15.

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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23

Under the Double Star - Chapter Fourteen

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And Fernando Makes Three -Part One Ira Furor Brevis Est

      Neith paced back and forth upon the "VIRAGO" 's deck. The past
fourteen days that they had travelled had been relatively uneventful. At their present
speed they should reach the Occidens island group by late tomorrow. Then her obligation
to Paldor would be complete. Then she and Athene, reuniting after all this time and
surviving the recent chaos, could get re-acquainted.

     However, there still were some unanswered questions.

      What were H'br'a, Soru and her sister doing in H'br'a's cell? Were the two of
them assisting H'br'a with the ritual? Exactly, what was the ritual?

      Then , there was the matter who was stealing food by entering the crew's
quarters quickly then leaving in the same way.

      Was there something else the thief was seeking? For what reason? How were
they eluding capture? Could they be making the mysterious sounds that were emanating from the unused passageways.

      Even though Neith had no answers to these questions at the moment, she vowed
she would soon.

      Suddenly, Neith heard a cry from somewhere above her, bringing her senses back
to the present.

      " A ship off our port side! It has been pacing us for the last few minutes."

       " Does it look like the "SCHEOL" ? " the captain asked.

       The lookout replied, " Can't tell anything. All I can see is that it is dark
and shimmering as if not complete."

       " Continue to watch. Let me know if anything changes." Neith said.

       "Aye, aye." came the reply.

       "That is just great," Neith thought to herself, "Has Idon broken his promise
about seeking retribution? Or is it something else?"

       Something was electrifying Paldor's senses. He felt a strange sensation long
before the lookout's cry.

       He thought about the ritual and wondered if it was anywhere near completion. 1 comment

       No matter how far from completion, Paldor could not allow either of the Primaes to fall into CHTHNONIAN collective control. Especially after a previous Primae had almost eradicated them completely only to find she had missed this vestige of their existence. What these remaining members would not give to capture the one who had practically erased their species.

       Paldor knew that he had to find the Primaes and quickly.

    "--- and that concludes the history of the Primae from me, A'yd'a
through your sister H'br'a." A'yd'a declared, "Now you see the importance of
my and your existence to this world. Is there anyth..."

       A'yd'a, momentarily, stays silent as she stares into the aether, senses the
CHTHNONIAN collective's approach.

      "We must conclude the ritual swiftly and completely. A previous matter has to
be resolved."

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