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Gary Smith Gary Smith
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Costume Change?

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Two pictures drawn by a man named Jim Lee inspired this dialogue between the two heroes, Superman and Batman. The two characters are facing each other in dramatic power poses on buildings in their respective cites, Metropolis and Gotham City. If you know what their voices sound like, think of them as you read this. I thought of the animated movie voices when writing. Jim Lee and Alex Ross are artist's that work with DC Comics.

Superman: Say Batman, I like how your cape flaps in the wind, mine is just so
Batman: Yes Clark, I see, it’s your fabric. You're also making fists and I'm loose and
          relaxed, what's up?

Superman: Well, I'd like to change my suits color scheme, make it dark like yours.
            It may not be possible so it upsets me.
Batman: Really? Well, as a matter of fact, I was thinking the same thing but I want my
          suit to be more like yours. This could be a huge media event for a year or so.

Superman: Awesome! Bruce if we want to do this then we just have do it.
Batman: All right Clark, I'll get my tailor to change my suits color scheme to yours
          and if you'd like she could fix you up as well.

Superman: Great, when can I be the new me?
Batman: As soon as we can get DC to go for it.

Superman: Ah you had to go and mess up my happy moment. They’ll never go for this.
Batman: Maybe we can get Alex Ross to re-design our suits and pitch them to the DC

Superman: That's a great idea. They love Alex, if he can't get them to go for it, well
            maybe Jim Lee.
Batman: Yeah this could happen! How about those guys double team pitch. They’d have
          to go for it then. Yes, it's as good as done. It'll be a big event.

Superman: Hey maybe we could switch cities too. You could guard Metropolis and I'll
            watch over Gotham for a year? I could use the mansion and go down and hang
            out in the Cave of Solitude. That would be the year- long name change.
Batman: I don't think so, Gotham's mine buddy, mansion, cave and all. Besides I don’t
          do well in iddy-biddy apartments. I’d suffocate.

Superman: I'd offer the Fortress of Solitude to you but there's just to much to hassle
            with for that to happen. C'mon,not even for a week?
Batman: Nope, not happening.

Superman: You're such a spoilsport.
Batman: Hey, how about can come and help me out whenever you want for the
          next year and I won't get upset with you like I usually do, how's that?

Superman: C'mon, you really mean that? You won't even raise an eyebrow at my
Batman: No, not at all.

Superman: Shake on it?
Batman: You're corny, Clark. Okay, shake.

Superman: High five.
Batman: Quit while you're ahead.

Superman: Yeah, like I said, spoilsport.
Both: LOL

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