Bill O. farmer Bill O. farmer
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Tripped with not tripped upon?

Bill O. farmer Bill O. farmer
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over someone he spoke angrily

Bill O. farmer Bill O. farmer
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"a hit of pain struck my stomach" - you will have to rewrite that to make it clear. A fist struck my stomach, I was winded.

Richard Z. kruspe Richard Z. kruspe
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@bill-thank you though i like to dicate my story to my helper and he writes it for i am blind and have no control over structure or rewriting anything...the way i tell it its the way i express it as a story.thank you though

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Richard Z. kruspe Richard Z. kruspe
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The Beating

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

Title: The Beating

I was to attend a symphony concert
Out in the park
My helper told me about it days before
And I told him I wanted to go
Just to get out of the house
Plus I missed music

I went out
Counting steps as usual
Getting closer and closer I could hear people
Talking and I could hear their footsteps  
And I heard birds
As I got closer to all the people and the park
I tripped with something that was on the ground
And I fell into people 1 comment

As I was on the ground over sum one
It spoke angry…
He pushed me to the side and spoke in a mad tone-
“What the hell!”
“Who do you think you are?”
And then I heard more voices join him,
Probably his friends…
I struggled to get up
And as I did one person pushed me forward saying
“Oh now you gona get it, no one messes with my holmes here”…
And a hit of pain struck my stomach…I lost my air
And I curled up as another kicked me…
Then sum one struck me with lots of force in my face…
I fell straight to the ground
As they kicked me
And soon their voices faded and their footsteps with them… 3 comments

I felt liquid on my face
And my head felt like it was sitting on a pond…
But that day it wasn’t raining
The music began playing…

Then I woke up
As a voice so thick called to me
“Hi there”, it paused
And again…
“Hi there, you took a big beating”…
I replied, “Where am I?”…
“You’re at the police station”…
I quickly asked him, “where’s my walking stick?”
He replied oh ok, here it is…
“Sorry are you blind?”
“Yes, yes I am” I replied…

Then he walked me and sat me down…
Words kept going in and out of my head as pounding
Sounded in my head…
He kept talking and talking
And I asked, “When can I go home?”
He replied, “Can you describe the people who did this to you?”
I filled with rage and embarrassment
I just said, "I would like to go home"…
I told him my address and he had a police officer take me

At home I sat on my sofa and began screaming out of
Why the hell can’t I see!!!
This is no life…
I can’t describe anyone who will ever do any harm to
How am I supposed to feel safe?

I hit my face with my hands
Why, why do I still have eyes?
I can’t even use them…

Soon I was tired and fell asleep in the sofa with a
Pillow gripped tight against my chest
Cursing in my sleep...Waging war on any images that
Came to me

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