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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
Recommendations: 18

The Old

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The old man mused by the river`s edge. A sweat-stained Stetson covered his tangle of salt-pepper mange.His face seemed shrivelled like a parched Macintosh apple.Pulling back a hank of the straw that he called hair he was oblivious to the fact that it was silvered with the frost of many winters.Times when he visited the welfare office, he would, at least, wash his shorts with a bar of Ivory soap.To shave,ran counter,to his nature, so he bristled as he composed and rehearsed his lies as if he were sitting in front of the King of the Bureaucrats.A shabby coat of worn melton wool kept him half-ass warm at night.He oozed, grimey, back-alley living.Scrounging for cigs was one of his favourite sports.Many a time, he had to tackle one of his colleagues for a barely lit stub.
Surreptitiously,he pulled out a bottle of Scope,and glugged down the last few ounces. His breath felt remarkably fresh as the demon spirits rushed to his head.Misery of the poor seemed to know no limit.Through a fog, he recalls a time when they would melt records to extract the alcohol from the black vinyl. The popular, witty remark of that day was,`It makes you sound like Johnny Cash!``This is usually followed by a chorus of cackling crows.
Night after endless night, he goes through the motions of a surreal existence which plays itself out like an old silent film.As the night progresses, the toothless hag that he refers to as,``Girlfriend` starts to look better towards midnight.But,that`s another story in itself.
Sometimes he dines out at some of the city``s finest trash cans. Once,outside of The Ritz,he had procured a barely eaten sirloin steak.And, just at the moment that he is about to sink his teeth into that fantabulous juicy symbol of the affluent....he awakes from yet another bad dream.
Stumbling out of his king-size luxury mattress, he shuffles off to the bathroom and fumbles in the dark for the gold plated faucets.Sighing with relief,he feels gloriously elated that he has once again, come up out of another rabbit hole. However, as he comes out of the bathroom, he slips on a partially eaten steak , hits his head on the bed-post and falls back into yet another rabbit hole.

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