Don Yarber Don Yarber
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We would have carried our individual selves. We is plural so you must use the plural "selves".

Aleena Afzal Aleena Afzal
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i corrected the words..Thank you..Mr Don...

Don Yarber Don Yarber
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the first "a" should be deleted.

Don Yarber Don Yarber
Recommendations: 42

correct the err or "error" ??

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Aleena Afzal Aleena Afzal
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Though I

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soul mates

My motivation for writing this poem is my country Pakistan and late Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the best philosopher, poet, thinker and reformer.Since I wrote this poem  on Iqbal birthday on 9, November 2011, it is a National Gift for the Nation.

Though I am not your daughter
And that you are not my teacher
But I can relate to you through your words
And you have become a guiding light and the mentor

Time passed away and so did the years
But your presence can be felt in many ways
It was darker then and darker still
But you were hopeful and the hope remains

What went wrong is beyond comprehension
If only we had paid heed and acted right
We would have carried our individual selves
Feeling proud and keeping the flag higher 2 comments

Life and situation did not change
As each figurehead went for the foreign domain
Was this the ideology and identity we strove for?
That led to bitter misery and pain

Now what is needed is an honest guide
Who would rule justly and deliver his best
One who enjoins the good and is also accountable
Becomes a role model for everybody to follow

There has a come a time and stage
Where I look forward to bring the revolution
If only God gives me strength and resilience
To correct the err and act in a fair manner 2 comments

Thus, I will hope and pray from now on
That each day ends in a transition for me
And I play a part towards a lasting betterment
Until I die and leave behind a true mortality

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