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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
Recommendations: 18

Izz He?

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Isadore seems to be a very religious man.The operative word here is,``seems``.In his private moments, he smiles into the mirror and admires the person smiling back at him.The greatest delusion of all, of course is that, sometimes a person ,is actually not that good-looking, at all.I suspect that he may be Catholic( much to the embarrassment of the Pope).He will often gesture wildly with his hands, true to his francophone character.One really has to summon up immeasurable tolerance to engage in conversation over spiritual matters with Izzy. Once, the unsuspecting, is caught up in his iron jaws,he/she will be forced to endure, chapter and verse of Izzy`s brand of gospel.The diminutive Isadore does not favour the restrictions of the suit and tie.He seems to prefer the finest of experienced clothing fetched from the exclusive racks of The Village of Value.
One shouldn`t be too unsympathetic toward this short chatterbox, since I suspect that he means well.What was that saying about something being paved with something or other?
He has the unmistakeable smile of a wolf.His dental work is horrible!The gaps in his teeth only add to the menacing effect.But, still he has to be accepted.Where would he go if he were rejected?Would someone eventually find him face down in a saucer of cheap wine? Or what?
Maybe there is hope for Izzy. Maybe there is hope for all of us!The way things are shaping up for this old world,there doesn`t appear to be much hope for this rotating beautiful jewel in the Universe.If things don`t start to change soon....well. Like the man said..if there is ever an all out nukey war, we might as well put our collective heads between our legs and kiss our arses goodbye.Maybe the only ones that might survive are the bugs, and quite possibly....Izzy!

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