Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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" - And stopped to pick it up with an admiring hand - " Don this one sentence - the "admiring hand" part of it really adds so much in terms of scenery, colour and texture while very simply offering a sense of "gentleness" to the scene which takes you to those open fields allowing the beauty of the land to shine through with no obstructions. Great job!

Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Actually I mean "stooped" as in "bent". It shows that the rose was worth bending over for.

Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
Recommendations: 47

Yeah that makes perfect sense Don!

Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
Recommendations: 47

There is a rich telling nature here which holds true and fair. Very wise words Don. Excellent!

Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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Awesome line to finish this poem with :)

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Don Yarber Don Yarber
Recommendations: 42

Ode to a Wild Rose

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soul mates

Used in essay On writing rhyming poetry "forced" or not.

Ode to a Wild Rose

Once while I was walking through the open fields
And meditating on the beauty of the land,
I came upon a Wild Rose, lovely and lonely,
And stooped to pick it with an admiring hand. 3 comments

Deep in the bush the Wild Rose nestled softly,
With dewdrops glistening on its petals fine.
My hand was scratched and pricked by many thorns,
Blood trickled freely, yet the rose was mine.

Later in the garden of my home I strolled,
Along a path where often I had trod,
Gazing into the stars, diamonds on black velvet,
Ever-watching stars, the eyes of God.

My hand at my side brushed against a damp rose,
Growing right beside the path on which I stood.
Without an effort I picked the dew damp rose
And smelled its delicate fragrance, pure and good.

But somehow the sweet aroma that I scented
Could not compare with the rose I’d found.
And suddenly I discovered myself thinking
Thoughts I never knew within my mind were bound.

The common things in life are at our fingertips.
They seem to lose their value when we take them.
But for the beautiful Wild Rose of life I’ll strive.
The Best Things In Life Are What We Make Them. 3 comments

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