Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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'loathing' doesn't seem to fit here.

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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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The Arrogant Frog Prince

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soul mates

It was under the most auspicious light that we caught eyes
His drunken smile and glowing arrogance took me by surprise

It was neither his Red Velvet blazer nor his faded maroon Beret
Nor his French charm, nor the crystal glass of wine that stole me away

It was not his skinny legs, nor the cane on which he leaned
That drew my heart and made it gleam

Though not gorgeous or handsome he had me at first glance
It was love at first sight – like Mabel in The Pirates of Penzance

It was a cocktail of things really, that gripped my heart
Things you see in colourful paintings and great works of art

Of all the beautiful moments, things I should tell
No one ever knew me, knew me so well

I will show you all a great many wonderful things, this I don’t mind airing
His flash, his pizzazz, his way of living, so open so free, so charming and daring

So in a split second of life my world had changed
Call me mad, call me wild call me loathing and deranged 1 comment

It was like soothing whispers that took me up in my brain
Giving me wings and life thereafter would never be the same

So, amidst a sea of grace and delectable charm
Of posh and beauty I took him by the arm

Like two strangers under a midsummer’s night dream
It was meant to be, a match made in heaven or so it seemed

And so very simply we went off into the night
To bask in love to express our delight

Like long lost children we stumbled along without a care in the world
Laughing and bubbly, whistling at girls

And so came the moment my lips had their first taste of heaven
I looked at my watch it was 11:11

I can recall that night, the very hour, the very minute
I leapt without looking, straight away I wanted to be in it

Deep down in his heart like he was already in mine
There is nothing sweeter than ARROGANT FROG Red Wine

This story is true no word of a lie
And to this Arrogant Frog Prince I shall say goodbye

Til the next time I drop by and walk through the door
I’ll brag you up Sweet Prince always wishing for more

For there is no other who could steal my heart away
Our next dance, our romance we’ll continue another day

So, at 19.99 plus tax for a bottle
"Suck it up take the fall" shall be forever my motto

ARROGANT FROG I'll be right here waiting
Worry not my love you won't lose me to rating

With you at my side tis been a wonderful time
ARROGANT FROG the sweetest Red Wine

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