Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Do you mean for it to be 'What is it like?' or that is 'What its like?'

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Aleena Afzal Aleena Afzal
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What its like

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soul mates

What its like
To write and write
And unfold a story or a mystery 1 comment

What its like
To think and imagine
About words and ideas gradually

What its like
To know someone and begin a relation
Full of love, warmth and compassion 2 comments

What its like
To be what you want to be
And to achieve goals realistically

What its like
To love and be loved
And reciprocate sentiments undoubtedly

What its like
To sing a tune or a melody
And be praised by somebody too

What its like
To behold a beauty
And marvel at the creation

What its like
To live a purposeful life
And forever be liked and remembered

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