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Krystabel Harris Krystabel Harris
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La Sombra Roja (The Red Shadow)

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soul mates

Well.. this is actually something that I had to write for my Spanish class.. but I liked it so much, and my TA was really impressed with it, that I decided to keep it for my own records, and thought others might like to read it.. it's not much.. but I like it.. ^-^ English translation is below it, though it doesn't rhyme in English hehe..

Soy una sombra, alta y roja,
Vengo furtivamente año tras año,
Bebiendo los colores de todas las hojas,
Yo soy la esencia del otoño.

In English, essentially:

I am a shadow, tall and red,
I come, in stealth, year after year,
Drinking the colours from every leaf,
I am the essence of Autumn.

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