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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23

Under the Double Star- Chapter Nineteen

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And Fernando Makes Three -Part One Ira Furor Brevis Est

      Perra felt more than heard the disturbance that raged above her prison cell.

     The vibrations of the battle above drifted down to where she sat.

     As she started to go towards the door cloth where her guards stood watch,
she heard them speaking gibberish.
     The vocalizations rose higher then higher until there was ...SILENCE.

     Perra called out to the guards. No response.

     Perra moved the door cloth aside and peeked down the half-lit passageway.

     As there was no evidence of the guards, she decided that she would leave
her cell to learn the reason for this occurrence.

     As she stepped  beyond the door's threshold, Perra's left foot encountered
a pile of dust, then her right foot, also, met a dust pile. What was strange was
the  little, incinerated clothing pieces intertwined with the dust. Curiously,
next to the piles were the guards' weapons.

     Perra decided this was something to figure later as her freedom seemed
to be at hand.
     As Perra attempted to leave the door's threshold she met resistance.

     It was as she fought against the unseen force that Perra noticed the
two wispy-looking Sapen forms dressed in gossamer threads as they came nearer
to her.

     One of these figures, sensing her presence, momentarily, released the mindset
which allowed Perra a brief respite from the psychic hold.

     As the two CHTHONIANS neared her location, the one who had released her,
without moving its lips, "spoke", "Ulla, our agent of vengeance, we meet again."

    Perra's brow furrowed as she attempted to make sense of this.

    The CHTHONIAN continued, " I'm sorry. I forgot you wouldn't remember
anything after our first meeting outside the ALLIAN council chamber. How your
face was  disfigured by one of our psychic blasts. How we put it into your mind
that it had been caused by the Primae. All to make you our pawn  against the
Primae, who had come very close to annihilating our whole species. To put it
simply, all your actions up to now were misguided and controlled. Now, we will
place you with others we have collected."

     As the vaporous figure finished speaking, it turned towards its companion,
who nodded.

     Both of them stretched out their willowy arms gesturing with circular motions.

     At first, Perra's face showed surprise then it transformed into livid rage.

    Perra, with all her energy, tried to move,with the intention of slaying these
two who had multilated and used her, but her efforts were to no avail.

     Perra went rigid as stone with only her eyes still moving.

      The CHTHONIANS continued to wave their arms, until Perra's body, slowly,
faded then disappeared.

      When the attacks came upon Neith, Soru and F'lisa, A'th'n was in the
trance-like state that allowed her to communicate with the previous Primae
incarnations. It was through this connection that she was informed where
their unconscious bodies were being held.

      Also, it was through this connection that the plan, with the use of the
Leukan, F'lisa, was finalized

    A'th'n broke the Primae contact, told Paldor, who had been guarding her,
what was to transpire.

    They, both, leave Paldor's cell and move up the passageway.

    As they, both, progressed, towards their goal, they noticed the absence
of any bodies.

    Since they already knew the cause of this they proceeded to the main deck
where they lower a skiff into the water, climb down to board it and depart
the ship.

     Some time later, F'lisa awoke to chaos and fear.

     Momentarily, forgetting how she arrived in this state, she thought she had
perished, losing one of her thirteen lives. It was, then, she remembered what
the elders of her tribe had told her about the life cycles. She realized this
was not the case since she had not felt the temporary disembodiment that usually
precluded the cycle's activation.

     F'lisa felt relieved by this fact and looked around the semi-lit surroundings.

     There, supinely, reposed on the floor, a little to her right, were three
figures. Two, she recognized from the ship, Neith and Soru. The other, reclining
in the shadows, appeared to be another female, one who had a scarf partially
obscuring her face.

     Just as she was moving to aid them, F'lisa heard the voice from behind her.

     "Inviti, back to the living, Leukan. I see you noticed the three who are on
the floor.

     The captain and the mulit-clothed girl are still only unconscious. They should
awaken soon.

     The other, scarfed Sapen is another matter. Her state looks to be psychically
induced. She will not awake until the concentration of her inducer is broken. Only
time will tell."

     As this speaker was finishing, F'lisa turned to face him. What she found was
a maimed Levian and another who appeared clad as a typical hooded, cloaked and
gauntleted Keth but unlike the other Keth she had seen on the "VIRAGO".
This one appeared to be favoring his right leg. It was this latter who had addressed

      F'lisa acknowledges both with a nod of her head.

     "Let me introduce myself," said the Keth, "My name is Akromas. My companion
is Idon."

     Idon, returning the greeting, says, " Ulla, Leukan. What might your name be?"

     " I am named F'lisa. Now that we are introduced. What do we do about the others?
How do we free ourselves?"

     In answer, came a new voice, "I don't know what you will do, but I will
complete what was already started."

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