Don Yarber Don Yarber
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AND takes my breath away. WHISPERING (sp) MY lips IT IS drawn DARKEST evil place WISHES AND I howl.

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Kaitlyne Beaudin Kaitlyne Beaudin
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Howl #2

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She had a friend.
Now and then.
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soul mates

A few months ago I had a friend read my "howl" and he wanted to know if he could help make it sound better, I said sure, and I promised I would post it here to see what you guys think :)

The moon has risen up and the song plays as mist overtakes the scene.
Pain creeps in an takes my breath away.
Whipering in the dark, a fatal growl escapes my lips.
My head lifts slowly up as its drawn to the energy of the silvering moon.
Walking through the forest,
My eyes see through the blackness of the forest I am an animal
Made from the darkest evil place no man wish to ponder on
And I howl 4 comments

I’m an animal-I run and run in search for my love
Everyone screams and cries as I past by in a glimpse of night
With my coat reflecting the silver of the moon
And I stop over the cliff and howl
As I have blood dripping from my jaws 3 comments

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