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Leoni Carlson Leoni Carlson
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Tunnel of Despair

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I'm not sure if writing, after you've watched Grave of the Fireflies, isn't detrimental to a writers sanity...You could get stuck writing morbid pieces for months! I must admit, there is something very alluring about writing absolutely depressing phrases; as long as you don't turn completely perverse that is :) I'm reminded of Lemony Snicket. He had negativity down to a playful art.

Destitute. Deprived.
So dearly I have paid.

For loss of joy; never to be regained.

Withdrawn. Forlorn.
Though frightened I carry on.

My already faded strength is failing.      

Weakened. Wearied.
With all resistance gone.

Reclining; I relinquish my struggle.

Shattered. Shot.
I succumb to silence.

Now my heart ebbs with a gentle throbbing.  

Burning. Bereaved.
I've broken past mending.

Burying myself deep, I become transparent.

Wheezing. Winded.
I wither away.

Painfully I perish, mortally betrayed.

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