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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Are you quitting now?

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soul mates

Set in my ways, too old to change.

I guess you don’t remember
How much love I used to show
Maybe you forgot the vows we swore
If you could just look back
To the day we met you’d know
Not to say “You don’t love me anymore.”

If you think that for one moment
That I could ever love you less
Than I have all these years so long gone by
And look at all the good times
That we’ve had and God did bless
You would never have a reason more to cry.

If you think that you can change me
To a mold that you see fit
To make me be the perfect man for you
Then I guess it’s time to leave me
But you’ll never make me quit,
Or give up on my love that’s pure and true.

If you loved me so much then
That you swore those vows to me
How is it now you say our love is through?
Can you say beyond a doubt that
You want to set me free
When everything that I’ve done, I did for you?

If all your sorrow is really true,
And that is the way you feel
Then I’m sorry I can’t make you understand
That a rose is just a rose,
And a thorn is just a thorn
No matter how you want to make it grand.

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