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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
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Before I Fall Asleep

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soul mates

I was listening to Rain by Breaking Benjamin. Such a good song to write something emotional :P

Before I close my eyes for the night
I stare into the darkness
that blinds my vision
and I see your face.

Those beautiful brown eyes
of yours
and your sweet smile
look down at me.
Your hand caresses my cheek
and I can feel your warm palm
against my cold skin.

I hold my hand out
to touch your handsome face
but you disappear.
My vision of you fades away
and the darkness blinds me once

I close my eyes for the night
but it's hard forcing myself to sleep.
How can I rest knowing that
you're not with me?
The memory hurts.
It stabs at my aching heart
and sends a freezing chill through
the rest of my fragile body.

What happened to me?
What happened to you?
What happened to us?
What went wrong?

So many questions
toss and turn
over and over
in my head as I finally manage
to fall asleep to try
and comfort my bleeding heart.

And yet, as I sleep
I dream of you
to try and keep warm
through another long night
on my own.

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