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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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I took my brother on a date

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Written as an assignment in Daniel Sintos writing group

I took my brother to the eye doc yesterday. His eyes are getting so bad he thinks his cat is his house slippers. The cat thinks otherwise!

We arrived twenty minutes early for his appointment. I was uneasy about sitting in the waiting room with nothing but "Home Horseman" to read. I'm not crazy about horses. Anything whose reproduction instrument is bigger than mine scares me.

He was in the Doctor's office at 11 sharp. At 1:30 he was still in there. I walked to the sliding window and asked:

"What have you done with my brother?"

They assured me that he was still living and not stepping on any cats. I went back to the magazine rack looking for something else besides "Home Horseman" to read. I eventually found a newspaper (or what was left of it) and to my utter pleasure found an unworked crossword puzzle! Hooray! Something to occupy my mind while waiting for the eye people to release my brother from the drops and charts and microscopes. Problem!! No pencil !!

I asked at the sliding window if I could borrow a pencil or ballpoint to work the crossword puzzle. The told me that they could not lend them. I went back to watching the widescreen TV that showed a continuous medley of eye diseases and how you could overcome them (by paying huge sums of money to the eye doctors). Then I remembered! I had seen a pencil down inside the magazine rack while looking for something other than "Home Horseman". I went back and tried to get it. The rack was one of those that slants inward as it goes down, each slot holds one magazine. The pencil was jammed between the bottom of the slot and a magazine that was in the slot above. Dang!

Not to be outdone by a magazine rack, I turned it upside down and shook it. The lady sitting next to it looked at me like I was some kind of animal pinned in a cage and rattling the bars. She had it right.

The pencil wouldn't fall out. I went to the restroom and retrieved one of those cardboard things that formerly held a roll of paper towels, bent it into a long two sided flat stick and tried to wedge the pencil out of the rack. No luck!

So why am I telling you all of this since this was to be about my brothers habits, eye movements, facial ticks, arm and hand gestures? Well, I ripped out the crossword puzzle and took it with me when we finally left the eye doc's office.

Then I sat in the Mexican Restaraunt and worked it with a pen borrowed from the waitress.

I didn't see any of my brothers eye movements, facial ticks, etc. The only gesture I saw was when I showed him the finished puzzle, done in ballpoint ink, no mistakes, and said, can you do that?

I got the gesture. It was the Italian salute. In a Mexican Restaraunt, none-the-less!!

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