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Leoni Carlson Leoni Carlson
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A Call for Destruction

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For Charlie

I don't feel like this is finished, but I can't trust myself, I keep changing it! Quick read it before it changes again! ;)

The sounds of woodwork creaking,
Crescendoed in my ears.
I watched my strong wall leaking,
Through eyes that spilled with tears.

The water would turn and tumble,
The structure it could fall.
My work would crack and crumble,
The river taking all.

Forced  to make great haste,
I had no time to spare.
Up the path I raced,
To see what waited there.

I tried to stall the water,
Repair the wavering wall.
I knew I could not falter,
For fear of losing all.

Then in my blackest hour,
Commands came from the source.
The words surged out with power,
“This must run its course!”

“The river’s far too strong,
For you to win this fight.
You won’t withstand for long,
The forces of this night!”

The voice no longer with me,
My heart filled with dismay.
But then resuming softly,
The voice went on to say;

“Let courage be your guide,
And defeat this wave of woe.
You have to put the hurt aside,
And let resistance go.”

"Those floodgates held in vain,
The floods from harming you.
And no longer can restrain;
The river coming through!”

Though gone the savior voice held firm,
And left my action sure.
I knew it was an ending term,
Destruction was the cure.

As if for confirmation,
The truth to me was shown.
A rushing revelation,
The voice; it was my own.

The futile dam I kept so well,
Repaired against each blow.
I built it strong against the swell,
Now let the water flow.

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