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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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She had a friend.

      Wetness. Irritation.

     As I open my eyes wide all I see is darkness. The darkness makes me afraid. I cry
out from fear of the dark and feel uneasy because of the dampness I feel.

     Also, I feel hunger. The time must be near. Where is she or is it he? The one who
protects me and sees to all my needs.

     Coldness. It is freezing. Why is it this way? A moment ago I was warm and
comfortable. Is the reason I am freezing because I kicked. Why should my kicking cause

     Wailing. My smallish voice hurts but still I yell. KEEPER must appear to
wait on me. Why doesn't it happen?

     Sounds. Both wonderful and scary. Some I know mean mine and what I know. The other
sounds mean what? Is it that I am scared and all alone surrounded by the darkl and no
safety near.

     Months ago, I was secure. I was always fed when I wished. I was always warm
and comfortable. Everything was done for me.

     I cry again but this time louder with more volume and projection.

     Is that the sound of deliverance, I hear?

     I move my head slightly to stare into the surrounding darkness.

     The sound comes again.

     It has to be GUARDIAN. Please. Let it be GUARDIAN.

     I'm wet. I'm hungry. I'm tired. Crying is a pain. A pain that seems to be the
only way of getting back to where I was before, secure and loved.

     My crying is making me dizzy. Why does this seem to happen at the worst of times.
Isn't it enough I am thoroughly soaked thru, starving and almost out of patience.

     KEEPER and I had an agreement. I cry. Then I get what I want immediately
(or almost always) and KEEPER is left alone until I need attention again.

     A voice? Is that WATCHER'S voice? Is GUARDIAN coming to attend my
needs? Oh, please, please let it be. Why am I treated like this. So fragile. So frail.
So vulnerable.

     Everything's so dark. Is this the way it will always be? Black, gray or white. Is
this all there is? WATCHER, are you there?  Please, I'm so afraid. The darkness
is so frightening. I try to lift myself up and over. Too weak. Too high. I cannot reach
the top. I fall. Luckily, I hit the "firm softness". Again, I try to cry.

     Whiteness. Small but there. A tiny piece of white near the bottom of the blackness
on one side of my vision. When this happens it usually means I have awakened
PROTECTOR. But will the COMFORTER be warm and soothing; stroking and
cuddling. Or will it be as sometimes happens( moreso than the others) shushing and
whispering with no end to the wetness and my hunger.

     The whiteness grows larger and blinds me as PROTECTOR approaches. It is
always this way when my CUSTODIAN comes in this time of darkness. There is the
whiteness signaling the attending.

     My PROVIDER comes other times, too, but always in more whiteness than this
black. Those times are soothing but not as much as now.

     As the whiteness becomes more pronounced, happiness fills me. My trials are over.
The darkness is gone. The light of love and caring engulfs me.

     MAMA is here!

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