Davide Castel Davide Castel
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I like the words used, 'Drowning deep in burnt despair.' Very well expressed.

Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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Wow! This is a very powerfully engaging and fervently emotional sentence! So bright in its appeal, in its sway, in all its tremendous capacity to bring to light what it is you're going through! Awesome!

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Krystabel Harris Krystabel Harris
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A Life Line of Love

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soul mates

Yeah.. going through a really hard time.. everything seems to be coming to a head at once, nothing seems to be going anywhere, and to top it off long distance relationships SUCK.. they make everything else seem so much worse, but I will never give up on that what makes my life worth living.

Casting round for link to life,
Seeking path through pain and strife.

What is lost is not even known,
The seeds of knowing no longer sown.

Lost in life circling blind,
Searching only for what to find.

Stuck in discord going nowhere,
Drowning deep in burnt despair. 1 comment

A voice, a call, distracts from fate,
Turning eyes from blackened gate.

A lonely smile, a glowing tear,
Pulling, pushing, through the fear.

It tears me up, it burns me out,
Light inside blocks the doubt.

Meeting burns with fervour bright,
Parting maims the will to fight.

Coming light burns past the cloud,
Gentle hands push back the shroud. 1 comment

Yet love patches gaping rends,
Caring breaks through gruelling trends.

Peace, filling up the gaps,
Content, round the pain it wraps.

Knowing, now what living is for,
Joy, spilling from molten core.

A love so bright;
A love so right;

Patience hurts, but a pain so sweet,
I shall wait for you till our destinies meet.

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