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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
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Dangerously close to Destruction

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soul mates

There are many things that
irritate me.
There so many little things that
drive me insane.
Too many people get at me
and wind me up.
I have a lot of patience
but not even that is enough to
stop me from feeling indignant.
There are so many more important problems
that I should be worried about.
But no.
I am surrounded with idiocy.
I cannot get away from these little things.
I would happily run away from it all.
I really would.
But I can't because I have people who
need to reject my help
or take my reserved space
or keep poking me when I'm working
or make me go through madness before telling me
that I shouldn't have bothered coming.
I am so close to burning myself to ash.
I am so close to breaking out.
I am so very close to annihilation.
They should all be very afraid.
They do not know the demon that slumbers within me.
Yes, I am usually a happy person
but even the most tolerant person has a breaking point.
This is my breaking point.
And I am an inch away from
Unleashing Hell

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