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Richard Z. kruspe Richard Z. kruspe
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Even though I can't see

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soul mates

I feel so dumb
To open my eyes in the morning
To wake up
Even though I can't see

I feel so dumb
To close my eyes at night
To go to sleep
Even though I can't see

I cover my eyes with sunglasses
As if the light of day
Will hurt my eyes
Even though I can't see

Why do all this things

Why do I care what people think?
Why do I cry even when I've done nothing wrong?
Why do I smile if nothing good has happened?

My brain and body haven't gotten used to this life

I traded happiness for sadness
I traded adventure for mystery
I traded light for the darkness
I traded running for walking
I traded seeing for feeling

And still I don't like my eyes and hate em with all my gut

You can see me
And I can hear you,
I can feel you  
For I can't see

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