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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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My Little Friends

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Hello. I want to introduce you to some of my friends.They are very small and seemingly insignificant.The first one is the miniscule and mighty ant.My friend, Van Zandt, never, ever, says, ``I can`t``.The defeatist exclamation, is definitely not in his vocabulary!In fact,he would indeed be lying if he said that he couldn`t lift a thousand pounds over his head.It`s all relative to his size, of course.His tiny brain convinces him he can do it!
Van Zandt is not particularily muscular, per se,but, he has learned to capitalize on what he has.I thought I heard him thinking aloud one day, chittering softly about something he referred to as, leverage. It had something to do with physics, I think. Whatever that means.
Sometimes,in our private discussions, he`ll say to me( in that barely audible whisp of a voice)``Whenever I attempt something, I give it my all!``I have learned hugely from my tiny friends.This enlightenment, at times, causes me to consider the folly of my wasted years.If I would have conducted myself more wisely, as they do, would I be better off today?The fact is, that they are not as easily corrupted, as we humans.
Money, to them.Once, I observed Van Zandt, carrying off a crumpled 20 dollar bill down into his lair.For a few moments, I mourned the loss, but soon came to my full faculties.There, do you see what I mean? A man would conceivably dive into the direct path of an oncoming Semi for the love of a 20 dollar bill.What a voracious bugger we are!
Never have I noticed my friend, Brian Barnswallow, for example, in a dither about his bills.Furthermore, not once, have I ever seen Gertie Goose frequenting the local bingo parlour.They are so innocent of this world,s debilitating distractions.
AS far as I know none of my little compadres carry a bill-fold or a purse.In fact, I don`t believe they have need for a universally-acknowledged form of currency.Pig Percy told me the other day that they just get tickled to pieces when they share.However, Percy said he had to draw the line,one day; when the men`s Breakfast Club asked him to supply the bacon.However, in most cases, they love to share,whatever they can.In my grandmother`s day, humans used to be just as kind to one another.
Ah, yes, they live the natural life devoid of human complications. And even though they live out their lives on a somewhat bohemian level, it seems to work just fine for them.Work is a joy to them, because in their plane of reality,it isn`t really percieved as necessary toil, per se.They truly live the life of Riley.
It`s not that I envy my friends.I like living in the skin that I`m in. However, my little buds seem to really have their shit together most of the time.Speaking of shit, birds of the air don`t fuss and fight over politics or taxes.Oh, sure, they must have their differences.I believe this is what is referred to as territorial instinct.Burglar creeps into your bedroom window and you bong him on his ba-joggin with a Louisville Slugger. End of story.
My little friends are cool in their natural habitat.They`ve been going along like that for a hundred billion years or so.Their balances are justified.It wasn`t until they came uder the microscope that they became percieved as creatures of a lower order.I really have to scratch my head at that judgement call.
In closing,I just want to say that if Man were to ever push that Doomsday button,the only life-form that could possibly survive the blast, would be my little friends.Ooh, yeah! More power to the little creepsters!

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