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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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It Should Have Been Roger's Song

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A tribute to a great song writer, Roger Miller

I listen to the words and I wonder
Why everything I’ve ever done’s been wrong
There’s a reason why I only hear the thunder
And maybe it’s because I wrote the song.
If I could do it right I know I’d love to
But some how the verse is too short or too long,
And I can’t help thinking as I stop to listen
why in the world I ever wrote that song.

It should have been Roger’s song,
He wouldn’t have done it wrong.
He'd put the words where they ought to be.
It should have been him that sung
It should have been me they hung.
That song would have a perfect melody.
That last word in lonesome was me
And some dying and a buryin’s free.
I knew it all along
It should have been Roger’s song.

I could have written more if I tried to,
I’m thinking now that I always did my best
But never really put my heart and soul in to it,
So my songs just sounded like all of the rest.
If I’d learned to write something else but love songs,
Like England swinging like a pendulum do,
I would have reached a big spot in the billboards
And could have won a do whacky do whacky do.

It should have been Roger’s song,
He wouldn’t have sung it wrong.
He’d make it fit in with all our lives
Like he sang free when he sang dang me.
And the one about the husbands and the wives.
I’m thinking it should have been he
That wrote that song, not me.
He wouldn’t have done it wrong.
It should’ve been Roger’s song.

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