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Stephen Bolding Stephen Bolding
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soul mates

I'm scared to sleep, I'm scared to dream.
I'm scared I'll wake up and just wanna scream.
I'm scared of the dark, and scared of the light.
I'm scared of the day, and scared of the night.
I'm scared of my fear...
I'm at the point of tears.
My heart aches for every soul caught in a dream.
They're all broken and bleeding and calling for me.
As the dream demons take them and rip them to shreds.
Every last one of them, all left for dead.
The people I love, I have to watch die.
Almost every single time that I close my eyes.
And some say to pray to escape the pain.
But still in my dreams is that dark blood rain.
And every time it happens I'm frozen and scared.
Unable to do anything, I'm never spared.
I watch in horror as my family is killed.
With tears in my eyes as their blood is spilled.
These dreams drain my emotions and leave me shaking and cold.
And waking up like this every night is getting old.
I just want my heart to not race so I can rest.
I wanna believe that sleep is not an impossible quest.
But instead I stay awake, too scared to even try to sleep.
Because when I'm caught in a dream, I'm caught way too deep.
Too deep to get out, to escape the bloodshed.
Or escape all this pain, I'm trapped in my own head.
I guess I'm trapped in my mind, until I too am dead...

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