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Ellen Van giessen Ellen Van giessen
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Equal Love

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soul mates

It’s been more than a year since I opened up
Shared the secret that was overflowing my cup
I still remember the pain and the fear
What you felt about me was crystal clear
Your eyes said it all, disgust and hate there
Tears fell one by one, but you didn’t care
Too wrapped up in your life to see into mine
Told me to stop crying, to straighten my spine
You said that I was wrong, that I was a sin
The pain that cost, I can’t even begin
I knew you’d be shocked, and even hurt too
But never did I think that such hatred lived in you
If I am to hell, why don’t I spew hate?
As you place yourself beside heaven’s gate
Your love is so pure, strong and true
My love is special, unique, but just like you
I love another, simple and free
What would it take for you to see?
I love you still, but the love’s not the same
Words of hate echo, guilt shapes they frame
How can love be wrong, in any shape or guise?
Maybe one day you’ll see it and start in surprise
God made love, not hatred or fear
Lift up those blinders and you’ll see it clear
God loves me and you, no matter the name
His love is equal, and in it, we’re the same

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