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Ellen Van giessen Ellen Van giessen
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Upside Down Umbrella

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soul mates

Wrote this after my girlfriend broke up with me to be with a boy.

At first my heart felt heavy, full of pain
Like an upside down umbrella full of rain
I felt left, alone, scared and hurt
I felt like a lowly speck of dirt
Each day, I picked up one foot, then another
Trying to escape the memories that smother
I cried each night, hoping, missing,dreaming
Wishing you'd come back to me, forgiving
But you didn't come back, and you never will
I swallow reality like a bitter pill
I know I must move on, but my soul misses you
I think our souls are stuck together by love and glue.
I know we are better off being apart
But you'll always have a place inside my heart
I wish for you to find true love again
Be it with women or with men
I'll never forget you, and what you set free
I hope and pray that you'll remember me
So now I will wash off my soul to move past you
Rinse away the love, memories, pain and glue
I take a step in my journey to relieve pain
To make my upside down umbrella release rain

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