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Love the play of words and the musical ending!

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soul mates

I just wanted to paint you a picture with words. That`s all.

The reason I paint
is cause I embrace,possess,color
to live
I squish the tubes
and the luscious,cream of pigment
oozes out
in betwixt my fingers
and I ooh and I aah
at the audacious splendour of reckless
abandon of creative juice
which comes out of
my jaded sense
my wooden brush
painfully aware that pain
is part of the word paint
believe me it can be
exquisitely painful
like a swift kick in
the nutties
that is if you don`t
approach color as a child

Imagine a world without color
and they say say that animals only see
in black and white
but we are not
as they are
or are we?
I sometimes wonder
what it might be like
to be sightless
no red of sunset
to close the day
no blue of sky
to chase away

and what if we could not see
the beautiful moon
which stirs our hearts
to love
and to procreate
or to feel for the soft hand
of the one you love
how sad it would be
not to see
the mists of morning
crowding  out
the black void of night

color me smiling
swash me with pthalo blue
brush me down with brilliant yellow
the hue of warm butter
on my toast
with my early taste of java
brown ochre
as strong and reassuring
as the tree of my heart
beating strong
with tint of leaf and vine

but never mind about me
let your brush
colour what little youth
is left in my life
create now while there is time
and while you can
never mind the thoughtless jibes
of the unfeeling critic
who has never
abandoned his sense
of right and wrong
do it, just do it
like a child
because you will never truly be free
until the child within
is once more
a freebee
back and forth
forth and back
I see a red rose
aand i wanted
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