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Leoni Carlson Leoni Carlson
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Never Held On

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A past experience, that came to me in lyric form.. the tune's nicer than the lyrics I think.... At the time I felt unfairly given up, so I think perhaps this song does me a little justice, and maybe recompenses me a little. I love being able to vent with poetry!! :D

You never smiled on my behalf,
You never loved to see me laugh;
And never wondered where I was.

Words that always lead me wrong,
You made me think we could belong.

The fault could not be in your care,
Just never tried to make it where,
Your every promise might come true.

I’m sure you loved me in your way,
But not enough to make me stay.

The truth came out eventually,
Though you said you treasured me;
You never wondered where I was.

Always missing from your glance,
I saw you’d never take your chance.

I always felt you were afraid,
That you and I were meant to fade,
And live our lives though miles apart.

You gave too little far too late,
And now no longer will I wait,

Since you accepted fatally,
That you and I could never be;
And never wondered where I was.

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