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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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The Tube Line

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Humor on TV

I have never written a Essay before. This is about a man that risks his life chasing this woman.

Did you hear about the man?
Who went across on the tube line for this attractive woman. Old fool him for being such a stupid fool.

Now getting to the incident, which happened at Earl's Court, London
Wait for it!
At approximately 5pm on Friday 13th April is really a coincidence isn't it?
That it would happen on such a day.

Apparently his name is Paul (Risk) Johnson, the name (Risk) is a nickname because he loves to take risks when it comes to chasing women.
Paul just saw this woman from a distance where he glanced down at her, giving it as good as it gets with the eye, but this woman wasn't all innocent in all this, she was giving him the come on signs pointing at her watch. Everytime Paul glanced at her the expression he got from this woman was 'if you want me? Come and get me?
I suppose Paul didn't think that he was putting his life in danger.
You could call it brave, stupid, irresponsible, idiotic behaviour that a grown man can act in this way.

In the end it was a waste of time anyway just after Paul went on the other side of the platform. The woman's tube came going to Wimbledon, so she got on the tube before Paul had any chance of talking to her. She got on the tube laughing at him in the process.
What a idiot!
That will teach you, don't ever take that risk again.

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