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Thomas Williamson Thomas Williamson
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Tigeranus: The Time Lapse - Chapter Three: 9/11 - Part 1

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She had a friend.

The Time Lapse
Chapter Three

George was trying to make sense of how to fly the TARDIS because eveything Thomas said just went in one ear and out the other...

“What are you doing!” belted Thomas

“I am trying to fly this piece of junk, but everything you told me to do doesnt seem to work!” screamed George in anger

“You have to have the right piece of mind because the TARDSIS is telepathic she has to know that your willing to fly her for all the right reasons otherwise any ailen or bad guy could just come running in work out how to blow it up and boom… no more TARDIS” said Thomas              

All of a sudden there was a rather loud bang and with that the TARDIS shook and flew everywhere struggling to keep the team on their feet and then with another thud and a wallop the TARDIS just stopped and landed...

“Well then, I think this thing needs scrapping for a newer model” said Brian

“Well, the thing is by the end of all this banging and thudding the desktop will have to change so by then it wont matter” replied Thomas

“Enough, you two argue like an old married couple” said George

“Oh, and thats so different when you two are doing the same, isnt it” shouted Thomas “Look lets just go and see whats next because my guess is this wont be so easy because you know what the Ancestor is like, he waits and then gets you when you think you are safe or the worst has blown over”

Thomas and the team slowly stepped out of the door not knowing what will come next, they were cautious until they realised where they were and what date...

“Look where we are guys, a place I hoped would never be effected by a time lapse” said Thomas

“Where are we?” said Brian

“September 11th 2001, 9/11” replied George

“Exactly and I have no idea whats in store for us but look in the distance theres the World Peace Day celebrations and there we are that means in about two mintutes...” said Thomas “ The plane will hit one of those towers and then the other one soon after.... Well seem as though all we can do is wait… but we need to think of somone who could help the Ancestor do this...”

“Daleks” said George

“Sonaceons” suggesred Brian

“Well there is this one guy, Manwell... I worked with him after the 90's Berlin wall thing and we were best friends, we did everything together...But then I found out who he really was” said Thomas

“What or Who was he?” asked Brian

“He was a simallar creature to a Soneacon except they were all pure as they didnt convert every one they saw”

“What was he”? asked George

“He was a Boerrat, they feed from the blood of Dalek’s most of the time but because you cant really get into a Dalek casing without it killing you they feed on the next best thing… the remaining Kaleds and that’s bad because they arent the bad guys they just had war and the weapons they were using would render them like the Daleks so Davros whom you know created the casing and eventually changed them all but they were those who survived and are now being hunted by Boerrats” said Thomas “But it coudnt be them but they are lurking somewhere at the edges of this place they stink cant you smell it in the air” he then said

“This plane doesn’t seem to coming” said George

“Nope, because it isn’t, I know it isn’t that’s the thing, there’s something wrong at first I thought it was because the Time Lapse was weakening but its more than that theyre coming but they want us to fail” said Thomas

“OK, I have had enough, you seem to know everything about anything and you talk about your past like it’s a sin, what are you hiding” said Brian

“OK, a few years back I met the Boerrats they lurred me into a trap and they won, I left and did as they said I gave them a Dalek and then the Time War happened and I went to fight and I saw my master be killed by the Boerrats then I got revenge of them but I took it too far, I made it so that they couldn’t teleport around time but that was only those that were left on Gallifrey and those few that got away were the same and that’s whose here to get revenge”

“AND THEN WHAT!” said George “You were gonna keep it all secret, we are your best friends Thomas, how you feel you cant share that with us is appalling”

“I coudnt risk it even on Earth they lurk in the shadows the ones that were rescued before the Doctor burnt Gallifrey they came to find me with little success and they obviously found someone who has found me and we know full well who that is” said Thomas

“Look, we really need to stop arguing because if we are going to get out of this awful time lapse thing we need to work together and by time we get a chance to do anything we will have killed each other!” shouted Brian

“OK, yes your right, so 9/11... Al Queda they don’t have any known base right now so we have no idea whether they are planning something else or they are going to sit tight and relax or wait a couple of years” said Thomas “Oooh wait, Dammit hes pulling me GRAB ON!”
So Brian and George grabbed on to Thomas and they were transported into the sky where the Ancestor had been lurking..

“Well, Well, Well” said the Ancestor in a sinister voice

“You know I had a feeling it would be you but sureley your not alone, you coudnt do this without someone with the power to do so and some slaves, we know who they are but who is your accomplice?” asked Thomas

“All will be revealled my friend all in good time but why don’t you tell your comrades about the rest of the story where you confronted me and failed yet again” said the Ancestor

Thomas said “I tried to kill Mr. Idiot Mc Idiot-Idiot Face Idiot but he decided he would throw my soul over the the other side of the universe but I got clever you see because he thought I had gone he thinks that I trudged my way back to the Earth but hes wrong because I found The Doctor on that planet just by luck and he let me into the Time Vortex and I did a swap…”


“Grab on Guys!” said Thomas “There is on thing that you didn’t count on, a new power”

And at those last words Thomas and the team disappeared with a cloud of bright light and energetic whitstles…

Back on Earth…

“So we know that the Boerrats wont be far behind and we can count on the fact that theyre gonna bring some fire power with them”

“Attention peoples of the Earth, your all about to be wiped from the sky because you see today marks something that no-one in the world will ever forget today was going to be the day that the world trade centre twin towers fell down because of a terrorist plot but today because of something UNIT did many years ago that we can do what were about to do, you see at certain points in the Earths crust are Nuclear war heads, with 7 atomic bombs going off on each continent the world will be destroyed and better yet, Half Blood…” announced the Ancestor

“Whos half blood” asked George

“Me” said Thomas

“… you see the explosion will rupture the Time Lapse destroying all planets in every Universe except one with one planet where I am now and no-one can stop the launch device because the only person who could is dead…” said the Ancestor

“Grab on again, now!” screamed Thomas

So with a burst of light and smoke they disappeared into the air and they teleported to the UNIT base in Tokyo…

“OK, So George remember the Snow Queen from Asphasia-Gebbleair 7” said Thomas

“The one whose concioussness you absorbed?” said George

“Exactly, and…” said Thomas

Then with a crash a bang and a warm and gentle glow the computer said “Bomb disabled”

“I think that calls for going back to the TARDIS don’t you?” said Brian

“You think hes still out there?” said George

Thomas said” Bet you £10 on it if you don’t want to go to the bookies because for two reasons its wrong and…”

“OK, I wont bother betting” said George interrupting Thomas

“Theres still more to go but we can keep fighting oh we can…”

Next Time: Thomas and the team are greeted in the present day by Mr.Betts and the Boerrats and they mean business, because they are at the final stand and they are not going to take no for an answer, plus the team still have to recreate the events of 9/11...

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