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Krystabel Harris Krystabel Harris
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Fortinbras' Sonnet

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soul mates

Buahaha.. just a little sonnet I wrote.. and I am forcing myself not to break into song with that last line XD This was directly after reading Hamlet, of course, and I decided that there was more to this guy then they all could see.. tehe..

He thought me ever like to Hercules,
And as a woman would have shunned his son,
Had he known me as kind as Andocles.
Nor could I favour of my land have won,
Had of my most illegal heart they known,
Who listens not to reason’s sound advice,
That throbs so hard at any manly groan,
And cares not of death for this heinous vice.
My father’s ghost, or demon, I know not,
Hath from me revengeful promises forced,
And so these bloody battles must be fought,
Though I wish my life from violence divorced.
       Lest I forever be in shame disgraced,
       Most secret heart, forever be encased.

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