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about my "loss" (instead of lost.

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The Story of -How I lost my Sight

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Well I don’t like remembering to much about my loss and how it happened, but I think it will help me heal on the outside. 1 comment

It all happened very silent, I never knew that getting hit on the head would cause me to lose my sight but as it turned out, it did. When I was at the hospital being checked after I had a minor car crash, the doctor examined my eyes, I had lost my sight. No, it wasn’t due to the car crash, no, the car crash happened cause I had lost my eyesight while in the middle of the day when I was driving to visit my family. A normal day turned into the end of my life. Everything ended that day, friends no longer talked to me, fiancée left me and my life was at a dead stop, I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I had had a couple of headaches and signs of blurry vision before I lost my sight but I really hated doctors and being in hospitals, I was afraid. The doctor who examined me asked all about what happened days before I lost my eyesight and asked if I had hit myself on the head or had and injuries, I answered yes. I had had a hit to my head; a friend of mine while at the park playing basketball had gotten mad because my team beat his team and we got into an argument and he shoved me down to the ground and as I was getting up he punched me on the stomach then hit the side of my head hard. I fell again to the ground and stayed there for a while. Then I got up and left wanting to forget about the whole thing as quickly as possible. When I got home I got ice and placed it on my head trying to rest and get my mind off the pain and of what had happened. And so, life continued, then two days later I began seeing blurry, didn’t think much of it, I just rubbed my eyes and went about thinking I was tired or maybe needing of glasses. 4 days later I began having headaches each time I would be laying down, and I would take pills for the pain hoping it would go away and it would but it just come back. Then the day came when I had received a call from my family, they wanted me to join em’ for lunch and I agreed. So I got into my car turned the engine and drove under the gorgeous blue sky. It was about 10 minutes into driving when I stopped at a red light, then the time whined down and the green light changed, I remember passing the coffee shop which I loved going to every weekend. As I drove the light went out and I heard the cracking of glass and screeching of the breaks on my car:
No more colors surrounded me,
No light entered,
I had fallen to the darkness
And no matter how much my eyelids blinked
I couldn’t see
I rubbed my eyes
I grabbed my face and cried.
I heard people screaming and yelling for help. Then I heard the sound of an ambulance arriving and heard paramedics talking so fast asking me questions; every sound pounded my head, everything was so loud. After, the sound faded and I was being questioned by a doctor about my vision.

There I was sitting, hearing the doctor tell me I had lost my sight. It’s so hard to try and be positive and tell myself that I’ll get trough this, that I’ll make the best out of my life but my memory is a nightmare story book. Dreams don’t exist nor can I have them.

So much was lost that day when I lost my sight.

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