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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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Achieve it now

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This Lyric is about me, not knowing what I wanted to be, when i left school.

You have to achieve it,
Yes you do!

From the moment I was born
I thought I would have achieve more
But I realise that god was not on my side
I tried so hard to achieve something in life
I really wanted to make my family proud of me
Suddenly, I get in trouble at school
Other pupils start laughing at me and I don't why, they are taking the piss out of me.

You got to achieve it now, before it's too late you got to achieve it
Yes you do!

All of a sudden now I get put on report
For behaving badly at school
I think the teachers were so blind to see
That I was not always the naughty one all the time
I remember the time, when I got suspended from school
And at that time, I didn't think it was my fault
This boy started to take the mickey out of me
He knew what buttons to press
So I got really argry told him 'stop taking the piss.'
He did not listen to me
So I beat him up and the teacher suspended us both.

You got to achieve it now, before it's too late
Yes you do!

So realise I couldn't wait to leave school
I got so fed up of school and things I was going through
I was wishing for my school days, just to pass me by
But thats not ok!
When I left school, I did not know what the hell to be
Like a bee on the wall
Trying to find my own way
Look at me now? after all of this time
I realise what I want to be
A Journalist
I must achieve it now
Before it's too late.

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