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Gardenia c. Hung Gardenia c. Hung
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A Lilac Town Homeowner's View

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From the corner of Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, I could see across four cardinal points.

Nineteen years ago, since September 2, 1993, I moved to Lilac Town after purchasing a Lombard home from Debra Seckreki in District 5 because she could not afford to pay the homeowner's real estate tax bill of $2,800US.  My father, Mr. Roberto Hung who signed the real estate contract purchase paid cash to Debra Seckreki to move to Michigan state and closed the Lombard real estate sale with the payment of Debra Seckreki's real estate tax bill.  

From our two story Lombard Historic Bungalow's windows built in 1927, I could see east and west, north and south on Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard.  The sun is always shining on same corner, next to Mrs. Stebbens' (Ahrens) home later owned by John and Eva Carpenter who sold it to Chris and Sara Gulotta and children;  next door to the Brown Brick Two-Story Brownstone where the Italian brunette lived with the motorcycle husband who sold their home to Chuck, Robyn, Jennifer and family; across from the Shimeks' green house where John, Liz, Shawn, Bryan, Monique and Taylor lived.

Even in 2012, pedestrians, drivers, and passersby can still see the signs of heinous hate crimes on the burnt lawngrass, the chopped Stark Bros. Golden Delicious Apple Tree, the missing Tea Roses, and the grazed ground at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in District 5, Lilac Town.  The Wisconsin Neighbor across the street also suffered from lawngrass burnings in front of her home, as you can see the yellow grass out front burnt.

From My Lilac Town Homeowner's View I could see the sun rising in the morning over the Michigan Neighbor's Lombard house on Washington Boulevard in District 5, York Township, DuPage County, Illinois USA.

“Roberto Hung’s Vacation To Miami, Florida, and Queens/Flushing, New York in the USA”

In 1993, after Mr. Roberto Hung J.D. purchased Lombard real estate property and moved to the Village of Lombard on September 2, 1993, he developed a thumb infection from a steel metal splinter acquired at work during the 3rd shift for Felt-Products After Market Auto Parts Division.  Consequently, Roberto Hung developed a fever and a swollen thumb which was festering and required medical attention; then he was hospitalized with a swollen thumb infection at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, Illinois USA.  I remember driving to visit my Father, Roberto Hung, who was hospitalized as an in-patient at St. Francis Hospital from Lombard in DuPage County to Evanston on the North  Shore by Lake Michigan.  Since there was no hospital or medical health center in the Village of Lombard, Roberto Hung retained his health care plan at work from the Felt-Products Corporation in Skokie and kept his medical insurance group on the North Shore Clinic near Rogers Park and St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, Illinois USA.

After Roberto Hung’s medical leave and recovery from hospitalization, he went back to work at Felt-Pro in Skokie, Illinois, driving every night from Lombard in DuPage County after midnight and around 2:00 o’clock in the morning twilight to his new Lombard Brick Bungalow Home in District 5, near St. Pius X Catholic Church and School in York Township.

The following year in 1994, during the Spring, my Mother’s youngest sister Xiomara Fong Ramos de Zayas from Santiago de Cuba was invited to visit her and my youngest brother at 342 Harrison near Sunset Knolls Park and Main Street where the Lilac Parade takes place.  I picked up my Aunt Xiomara at O’Hare Airport because my youngest brother was working all day at Allstate Insurance Company  in Northbrook, Illinois.  This family reunion took 23 years to become a special event for all of  us and included more relatives who were planning to meet and gather in our new Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard.  Aunt Xiomara has a lot of pictures, memorabilia, and photographs of her visit in Lombard during Lilac Time—more than enough good memories to return again during Spring 1998, four years later—(after my Father, Roberto Hung was bedridden, disabled, and unemployed following a home invasion and assault which caused a Traumatic Brain Injury and Aneurysm on December 21-22, 1996).

Later in Spring 1994, Nathan S. Wittler’s parents Reverend Melvin A. Wittler and Mrs. Nancy Wittler Patriquin announced their home visit to the Village of Lombard since they were driving from West Dummerston, Brattleboro in Vermont across the USA on holiday vacation to Hartington, Nebraska to visit Grandmother Wittler and Duane Wittler his brother who lived on the family farm near Lincoln, Nebraska with his sister Virginia and husband George Fox.

When Nathan S. Wittler went on vacation to West Dummerston, Bratteboro in New England to visit the Wittlers at the farm by the West River in South Vermont, I stayed at our Lombard home while I was working in DuPage County and the Chicagoland area in Illinois USA.

Six years before, the Wittlers had met my Father and Uncle Filiberto Hung and his wife Mireya Hung and daughter Ana Mireya Hung Lee during the 1988 wedding at Olive Park by Navy Pier and remembered the Wedding Reception aboard the Star of Chicago along Lake Michigan which was well attended by Nathan S. Wittler’s family including his Grandmother and Uncle Duane Wittler, his Aunt Virginia and husband George Fox, and his brothers Bryan, Kent, youngest sister Heather and her fiancé John Eruren at that time.  In addition, Reverend Melvin A. Wittler and Mrs. Nancy Wittler had invited her brother Dr. David Patriquin and Mrs. Cynthia Patriquin and more friends to attend the Wedding Reception and Dinner aboard the Star of Chicago by Lake Michigan during Father’s Day weekend on June 18, 1988.  My Mother did not attend my wedding day and refused to be involved in the wedding plans and festivities while she lived with my youngest brother during 1988.

From 1988 through 1996,  I was working and lived as a Lombard resident homeowner in DuPage County, Illinois, I was at staying at the Lombard Brick Bungalow while my Father, Roberto Hung was on vacation visiting his family and relatives in Miami, Florida and Flushing, New York.

Afterwards, my Father went on Vacations To Visit His Family Relatives, His Brothers, His Sisters, Nephews and Nieces in Florida and New York.  I drove my Father, Roberto Hung to the O’Hare Airport to catch his flights to Miami, Florida, to visit his oldest brother Miguel Hung, his son Miguel Hung-Simons and wife Pamela Hung Maggiano, Daughter Brittany and son Mike Hung with all the family; also travelled to New York La Guardia Airport near Queens, Flushing where my Uncle Filiberto and Aunt Mireya lived with his family, Ana Mireya, Ileana, Santiago and Grandson Rafael Hung.  Roberto Hung also visited his youngest sister Caridad “Cei-Chieng” Fong and brother-in-law Joaquin Fong and children, Joaquin Jr. and daughter Teresa Tan with her family.

During his travel vacations, my Father, Roberto Hung, also visited his oldest sister Luz “Leing” Mock and her son Guillermo Mock, his wife Millie and other family relatives.

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