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Alex Irizarry Alex Irizarry
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Second Holocaust Story

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Chapter 1

Czechslovakia, Europe 1942

Here stood a tainted boy on the tenth floor of an apartment sitting on the ledge of his window peering out at the murky fog formatted by the dregs of the dwindled apartments that stood nearby. Nazi’s with guns were galloping the streets in disgust; some were fleeting on motorcycles and Jeeps shooting innocent people bustling for their lives, some found refuge on underground pits. Countless Jews were bellowing and mourned as Nazi’s came by. From far away the boy could see Nazi’s sabotaging any remaining property owned by the Jews.

There was a knock on the door of the tenth floor of the boy’s apartment door.

A blatant voice was approaching the door reluctantly, the apprehensive boy rushed to go lock the door and find a dwelling under his bedroom located on the back of the apartment. He ran as quietly and as quickly as he could to get to his room before the Nazi had started rattling at the door with his gun.

The Nazi yelled out something in German, he yelled….. “Kommen Jude, ich rieche deine Gegenwart.”

The boy finally reached his room in hasted time with complete agitation. He located the door behind him and ran under his bed. Tension and fear rushed through his mind, his heart rate accelerated as he thought about his parents who were taken away and sent to a concentration camp miles and miles away from where they lived. The Nazi had done something terrible, something irreversible and very devastating to remember.

Suddenly! The door of the apartment had opened and banged against the feeble wall.

The Nazi started rummaging through the apartment as he finally walked against the strident floor almost as if he could smell the presence of an entity.

In the background the poor boy could hear precious things being annihilated from the living room. He had an assumption that the man was still contemplating around the apartment waiting for the moment to come. The man blurted out “herauskommen!” (Come out) loudly!

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