Warren Gates Warren Gates
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This is a very jolting and meaningful thought.

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Abby Munguia Abby Munguia
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Our Love Will Be Forever Grim..

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soul mates

I was kissing death on the lips
as he embrace me...I felt I was
slowly dying inside..as his words
spread like venom into my veins
was this love or lust?

I wondered for days

he stroked my cheek with his cold hands that once shed blood
and as i cried looking into those eyes filled
with hatred and anger..he whispered

"I love you.." to me

All I can do was weep for I knew
his love for me was a dark shadow that will soon
disappear..days past so did months

anger from his voice was all i ever heard
should i go or should i stay?
his cold heart his heart so cold that
burned my skin as i cried every night made me
wonder where did our love go?

I decide to go and leave my heart
in the past for that was when I loved you 1 comment

you were death that killed me inside
and I let you

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