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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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soul mates

Just some late-night musings and just cause it`s raining in my heart and just cause i felt like sharing it.

let Lady Luck catch you smiling
too, too often
cause she can be fickle, you know
just grab your share of happy
and when you can
cause this is the last stop
and you may never see
the same long train running

and , by all means
lose your grasp
on that elusive
butterfly of Love

Never you mind
about all those lost yesterdays
cause you know you`ll never
see them again
now or forever

sure, you can play
your old 45`s
and, hey, who said you can`t
be a fan of Sinatra

listen to them
trying to spoil your joy
whatever it might be

Hang back
and chill
in the easy hammock
of your summer

and smile at the silly
things in this
life that come and play on
your stoop, once in a
great while

taste the rain on your tongue
let your palate
savour the bitter and the sweet
your todays and tommorrows
will someday be
more precious
than you can ever

breathe deep of life`s precious air
for soon, we all
must depart
to say our final goodbyes

count your kisses
as drops of silver
in a beggar`s
tin cup
and above all else
Don`t forget
to live.

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