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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Sometimes, We Men Have to Weep Alone

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soul mates

Dis is for all the men in the world who ever wanted to go home early. Who knows, maybe, your ship is just coming in on the next tide.

we men just have to be alone
in our stone gardens
maybe it was just an old song
that lurched a tear
from this old warrior heart
or was it a misty smile
from someone
I will never say
`Good Morning`to

Sometimes, my mind goes back
to the canyons
of my Yesterday
to the places where I
once lived
like a ghost
with suitcase in hand
and the tale
of how he was
reluctant to leave

He cries like the wind
about the land
of missed opportunity
and he wistful thinks about
the house he should have
lived in
The children
he should have bounced
on his now
arthritic knee

No use to cry, old son
just count the loss but don`t remember
the wounds
only those times which will always live
in memory
just find that place
that ancient place of warmth
down through the ages

When you are but the dust
of the Cosmos
perhaps you may
`Take heart``
to some weary soul
with suitcase in hand
Ever wanting to leave
before his time

Sometimes, we men
must weep alone
when no one watches
Sometimes that`s just the way Life
is beautiful
all that a man
must face
in order
to be
a Man.
I know
everything will be

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