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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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If Only

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soul mates

One of these nights, I`ll dream of walking in Old Mexico, and suddenly, I may realize that the bald prairie was only a piece of Heaven thinly disguised.

I have never been to Mexico
by the sea
to feel the rush of tide
between my toes
to feel the grains of sand
like fine sandpaper
gritting on my sandals

I have never
been there to watch
the crabs dancing, snappy
around each other
oh,well, they have their games
like us
even in play

What did you say?
about the bullfights
in old town of Madrid
Did you ever run with the bulls
by the way?
the flamenco
the guitars
that strain out romance
as no other instrument can
I`ve never been there

Only in my mind
can I go to these places
chances are I`ll never
see the sunset over
the Canyon Grande
but, nevertheless
my prairie sky
no one can deny

Never mind
I can still wish
my silver star
that I might still see
parts of this world
through my jaded mind`s eye
from my very own backyard

and that piece of property
no one can ever take
even to reposess
this is my world
and you`ve just been
invited to come
and sit awhile
for this last mile of my life
this last bend in the river

we must go now
over the next hill
to discover
those things of beauty
that Mexico
might never see
if only
if lonely
were two sharing
to live in the now

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