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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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My Ragin`Cowboy Heart

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I don`t where this came from but it just kind of dropped into my head this morning. Maybe it`s a song looking for a tune.`I guess I`m just an old ramblin`rose from way back.

Sometimes, I think it`s time to re-consider my gruff ways. I know I got my share of unreasonable pride. My swell head sometimes gets too big to accomodate my foolish ego. That`s why I wear a ten gallon hat! I spent far too much time licking my wounds and living in the trash can of yesterday`s bitter times. I guess I just thought I was tough enough to stand alone. That was bullshit! I know it, and so do so many of my unfriends.

    I spent a lot of years just being plain, old lazy. Why, if I had a ranch, I would feel compelled to call it The Lazee A, after me. My work ethic has always been less than perfect. But, hey, who has the market cornered on that one? I worked most of my life, piddling around with minimum wage jobs, but at least I tried to support myself.

My old cowboy heart is telling on me now. I never picked cotton, though. I remember when I was young and foolish I got stuck in town trying to have a good time. The next morning, I was sick as a dog and I was starving. So I went looking for work to at least, get enough change to maybe buy a burger. I was wearing a white shirt( of all things)and I ended up at Casual Labour in town, and they sent me to this one place to do some clean-up for a few dollars. I think minimum wage was 3 dollars and 75 cents back then.

Oh, glory, it was the land of milk and honey,in those days! So, I was all gung-ho, to get to er` when the boss had me get under this loading dock to clear out some trash from under the building. Oh, glory, I must have looked the very picture of the prodigal son when I came out from under there. I had no pride left,covered with dirt and my nice white shirt in a fine mess. Well, I got my money and I headed straight for the A and W by River Street. This was during that time when the waitresses would bring out your burger on roller skates.

  Ah, yes, good old nostalgia, the things we love to remember. Oh, yes, now where was I?  Oh, yeah, about those burgers. Never was there a finer tasting Papaburger than the one I bought there on that hot summer`s day. I didn`t care who was looking at me as I wolfed down those two thick hamburger patties. The icy root beer tasted like pure ambrosia! Yeah, o.k., maybe not quite that good.

   This old cowboy heart still beats to a different drummer. Not the pow-wow drum, I don`t dance that way. I`m strictly urban. I never was one to fall in line with my other schoolmates. Alleez the rebel! And, for what, I wonder, at 57! That`s perhaps the reason why that many of those that I went to school with are now enjoying the fruits of their labour.

In the meantime, back at the ranch, which I never came to possess, someone else is holding the girl that I used to fantasize about. Now, don`t get me wrong, I`m not trying to elicit pity, but I`m just sharing some poignant facts of my personal history. Don`t you feel honoured? Ah, I didn`t think so. Yeah, it`s always the nerds that win out in the end. You seen them around, haven`t you? These were the studious guys that we always used to laugh at. Who`s laughing now? Huh? big smarty-pants!

Oh, enough of the tears and sob story. But, you know what I`m saying, right? Yeh, yeh, yeh...this old cowboy heart beat resolutely for two many moons on it`s òwn. Well, not entirely true, I do have a little cow-girl, which I roped up; nigh on to 17 years now. I also have two little cow-pokes too. By the way, she just happens to think the world of me...I think.

   Well,I guess I`ll mosey on now, and leave you to your successes. Say, if you happen to win the lottery, remember this old cowboy heart, won`t you? Yàll come back and visit and set a spell. Yee-hah!!!Pardner!!!

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