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Matthew Bolding Matthew Bolding
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Still Missing You

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soul mates

Eight years have come and gone,
Still the pain lingers on.
It's so hard to see the light
When surrounded by the night.
The darkness of my past haunts me,
Holding onto the last memory
That is slowly fading away
Breaking me down, but still I say

I miss you..
I can't explain..
Without you..
I'm in the rain..
I love you..
Forgotten never..
I'll miss you..
Forever and ever..

They say wounds heal in time,
That hasn't worked with mine.
Things happen for a reason, they say,
It's just so hard to think that way.
I pray you're in a better place,
So one day I may see your face.
Here on earth, my faith I'll cling,
Until that day, I'll continue to sing

I still miss you!
I can not explain!
Here without you!
I'm lost in the rain!
I'll always love you!
You're forgotten, no never!
I will miss you!
Forever and ever!

I love you...
I miss you...

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