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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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The Real

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soul mates

Today, I wax nostalgic. I wish, for you, to find your place in the sun, and to remember to keep in touch with what`s real in your life. Whatever, you may consider that to be.

Hey, it`s 2012
It seems like we got so used to saying
`It`s 19..this or 19..that
where has the real gone?
did it all leave
on a passing by train
in the middle
of a half finished song
with the band still playing
as Reason left with its`bills unpaid

Oh me..oh my
what are we heading into?
a new reality?
dreamt up by some crazee
who holds our future in his nervous hand
my happy is my family
I will not let them take that away
get these question marks
out of my head
the uncertainty
precariously balanced
like 1914
who was it that got me going
on this numbers thing?

Was it you, dear lady?
you can tell by my rhyme
that it`s time
to seek the old
so I may make something sane
of the new
Is the real just re-hashed yesterday?
go, question mark all that you may find
declined by those critics of my mind
hey, it doesn`t happen often
but,yeah, i did rhyme

To capture the real
is to feel with your heart
what is truly precious
innocence so quickly leaves like that
midnite taxi
parked out on the lane
waiting, yes waiting
for you
to come out to play
to forget the day
for what are these?
but tomorrow`s good old days to someone
who lives the real now
yes, 2012
yourè subtracting something from the sum of me
give me something 1900-ish
so i can soothe my
anxious mind
the real
I can feel
is slipping..slipping
down..down..down to something
I cannot
and will not see as the real
must pray..must pray
for better day
the old way.

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