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gnawing want of yesteryear or knowing want of yesteryear?

Davide Castel Davide Castel
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I picked that one up too Don, but there actually is a 'gnawing' word and it could fit in that context, so I didn't question it.

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soul mates

My favourite time is as the city sleeps. That is the curious space in my reality when the Muse comes to visit me. It`s quiet then and I can think, create, and explore and enjoy my cup of Life.

Nightime is the right time
for the trippy to come to life
to visit places
without the needful expenses
of passports and jet lag
and the expectation of language
barriers that are gone
as a puff of smoke

I may stand on the Great Pyramid of Cheops
and look down from The Tower
with not a shilling to my name
nightime is the right time
I could see if the rain in Spain
is indeed falling mainly on the plain
tonight, on my flight
forever to be free
in this space in my head
that charts out the skies
without the need to book flights

But, for now, I must be content
to voyage within
down every winding road and across the valley wide
in Steinbeck country
I might see Tom Joad and say
``Hey, Tom, no need to go hungry no more!``
The dirt of the 30`s are
but distant memory
the gnawing want of yesteryear
is but a dream
cause no one really starves anymore
unless they want to 2 comments

I rage from my cage unlocked
cause dollar, I have none
and then my little one wakens me
with his billion dollar smile
and I am king for the day

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